yin yang yong

Traditional Taijiquan training for the development of inner strength and harmony through concentration, co-ordination and relaxation of mind, energy and body.

Taiji is an ancient art that is in essence the practice of Taoist principles in daily life. It leads the practitioner to a knowledge of him/herself within and without, expressing the highest ideals as written in the ‘Tao Te Ching’ some 2500 years ago and the ‘I Ching’ (book of changes) before that.

Here Taiji is taught with the main purpose of internal refinement. This incorporates the learning and development of the three spheres of existence (Deep Mind 心), reified and understood in Taoist nonclemature as: The etheric/bodily sphere (下丹田), the emotional/astral sphere (中丹田) & the mental sphere with its Spiritual component (上丹田); Thus comprises a full, complete and balanced system of Taijiquan for a budding student.

The Quest within

The philosophy of yin and yang (Taijitu) can be understood as balance and harmony. The practice of aligning with this harmony and universal Truth, whilst going deeper into its art may be described as an education in merging with the continuous changes inherent in our universe.

Attuned to such higher laws (through gradual stages) and following the Taiji principles correctly allows for a growth which can enable one to arrive at an increasingly more balanced and internally evolved state as a human.

This, the legendary Taoist Sage Chang Sen Feng (Patriarch of Taiji) proclaimed as the original purpose of Taiji. The now well-known highly esteemed martial benefits and health effects attained as a result of correct training are by acquisition very positive side attributes.

So, with no over-emphasis on the body (but rather the mind-to-body connection), with the knowledge that we are only as developed on the outside as a consequence of the internal, we seek to go within, whilst adhering to the ‘Classics’ of old (Taiji Classics) & appropriating an agreeable balance of the martial and health known 'secrets' as well.



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