Neigong 内功

Inner Work / Meditation

The correct martial technique will inevitably help invigorate and strengthen the body. However the field of the mind is wherein the largest growth of the student will necessarily occur. It is thus within our school that the development of the inner self / deep character (The Deep Mind triple-aspect  Xin 心) is held foremostly accountable to the growth of an individual along the path of Taijiquan; The way of balance and that of the householder.

It is at this juncture that Grandmaster Huang Xingxian explained that at a certain stage in practice students seldom realise that one must become an “Upright” man to progress beyond (overcome their lower nature).

Hence it is the work of my teacher, Master Patrick Kelly who wished to cement this ethos, and to overtly include this aspect of the internal training into the the discipline. Thus, I, like my teacher maintain the inner work of neigong to be the distinguishing factor of a true internal art (Neijia 內家), rather than an external or quasi-external one.
Progress is dependant upon the gradual internal changes and refinement which must indubitably take effect in the student along the road of correct practice, a pure motive to learn, sustained continual effort and a genuine teaching.

At the end of each practice the students are taught (a set array of) meditations centred on the etheric meridians (eight extraordinary meridians) to calm and regulate the dantian field & body after a session. According to the level of the class a little of the emotional/astral work (middle dantian) will be included.


The central purpose of Neigong (inner work) in accordance with Taoist tradtional practice is that that of Internal Cultivation (內丹术), being primarily, the sublimated effort to restore the inherent natural balance of the practitioner, whilst encouraging the deep internal growth of the inner part of man (human). By transforming the lower unrefined aspects of the Mind (those associated with the body, the negative attitudes and the illusory ego) into the more highly & deeply refined qualities associated with one’s True Self slowly initiates contact with one's Spirit.
This, in turn, causes over time and continual effort the growth and development of the Soul in the personal energy field of the aspirant (The parts of the Deep Mind under the influence of the Spirit).

As the Soul grows through the inner levels from infancy to the level of adolescent continuous conscious work (usually decades) on both the inner self and the outer self, as well as the overseeing help from a teacher is needed.

After this period, the Spirit's influence begins to grow from Above, possibly allowing even greater progress to take root in the life of a sincere student engaged in the practice of internal alchemy (Taoist Yoga). This is in following the genuine way of the Ancients and is the original purpose of Neijia and of Taiji itself; Namely, that of Conscious Immortality ( ie. 'Returning to the Source'  长生不死 ).

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