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Master Huang Sheng Shyan discussing "Song"
- Deep relaxation of the body and mind.

Song is central to the practice of Taiji. Delve deeper...

A somewhat partial translation of talk


'Preparatory movement' of the Taiji Form, Australia 2022

Preparatory movement (Following Opening the stance)

Straighten the legs slightly to lift the lower-body, breathe in to lift the upper-body, allow the arms to float forward and up to shoulder height.

2) Release the Mind and the body, bend the legs, breathe out, relax the shoulders, drop the elbows, draw in the wrists as if the palms are sliding over an iron ball.

3) Continue to sink the body, drop the wrists as if sliding down behind the iron ball until the elbows reach the side of the body.

4) Stabilise the body, drop the forearms until the thumbs touch the legs.

From: 'Relax, Deep Mind' 2021 ©
'Song' 放松, 'Hsin'(Heart) 心

Taiji Form Movements

(1. San-Feng Quick Fist / 'General presents the seal',   2. Fifth Loosening exercise   &   3-8. Array of Taiji Long Form movements)   Niall O'Hare, Byron Bay, 2024.

Taiji Form Movements

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